Property Letting


Why choose Appleton Property to Let your property?

Looking after rental property is not something you do every day. It is something we do all day, every day. Property Letting is now a highly regulated area with a complex legal framework principally governed through the 2004 Residential Tenancies Act, as amended. You need a well informed content expert to handle your asset to ensure you achieve the best possible return on your investment. From the very beginning of the process you need a hands-on experienced professional to handle your property letting. At Appleton Property our clients come first, that is why we work 6 days a week into late evening to ensure our clients always get the best possible outcome from their investment.

We will uncomplicate the process and provide you with regular detailed updates in a direct and open way.

As a first step we will call to your property and provide a Free appraisal in writing.
We provide this service without obligation.

After we have assessed the property an appraisal document will be provided promptly and will:

  • State our opinion on the rental value of your property
  • State the reason we have such an opinion
  • Provide recommendations to maximise the properties rental potential
  • Outline the costs you can expect to encounter
  • Give an opinion on compliance with minimal standards for rental accommodation
  • Set out clearly what steps we take to let your property
  • Set out clearly a schedule of our fees and charges
  • Provide an overview of our marketing strategy for your property
  • Outline the process by which we vet your tenants
  • Offer advise on how to minimise vacancy and maximise your yield
  • Give you further information on our business background, experience and qualifications

When using Appleton Property you can be assured that your letting will be:

  • Handled by Experienced Qualified Licensed Professionals
  • Shown by knowledgeable highly skilled sales people
  • Photographed to a professional standard and staged correctly
  • Advertised on , and up to 17 other websites
  • Circulated on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Advertised with large bright modern signage at the property if required
  • Communicated to our database of registered eligible tenants

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